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**Explore Our Artistic Furniture and Ceramic Vases Collection**

Welcome to JLX Studio's shop, a treasure trove for art, design, and interior decoration enthusiasts.
Immerse yourself in a world of creativity and innovation, where furniture and ceramics converge to
redefine your living spaces. Discover our curated collection that beautifully blends artistry, design,
and nature-inspired elements.

**AAKAAR: Artful Furniture Celebrating Folkcraft and Edgy Design**

Introducing AAKAAR, a captivating collection of loose furniture that harmoniously marries the
essence of bars, entertainment, and contemporary living. Crafted with meticulous attention to
detail, AAKAAR furniture pieces are adorned with intricate metal trimmings and clad in Auto-Craft of
Bengaluru. Each piece tells a story of vibrancy, inspired by folkcraft traditions and the rich tapestry of
human nature.

Derived from the decorative forms and captivating textures of autorickshaw interiors, AAKAAR
transcends its origins to emerge as edgy, contemporary furniture. Ideal for adorning homes,
corporate reception areas, dealerships, and outdoor retreats, these one-of-a-kind pieces evoke a
sense of unapologetic creativity. Unveiled at The Times of India’s DesignX show in New Delhi and
shortlisted for the NEXUS Design award, AAKAAR is a celebration of chaotic charm and impeccable

**PREET: Ceramic Vases Inspired by Nature's Blooms**

Step into the world of PREET, an enchanting collection of ceramic vases inspired by the flourishing
trees of Bengaluru. These vases draw inspiration from the delicate seed pods of Gulmohar, Buddha
Nut, African Tulip, Indian Laburnum, and Coconut spathe. PREET vases exude minimalist elegance,
designed to embrace short-stemmed flowers and traditional puja blossoms commonly found in
Indian markets, gardens, and balconies.

PREET's unique charm comes to life through the collaboration with Ikebana Master Preetpal Dahele.
The collection was introduced through the exhibition 'Can I speak in Flowers,' where Preetpal's
mastery of Japanese Flower Arrangements melds seamlessly with the universal appeal of PREET
vases. With decades of practical experience, Preetpal transforms these vases into a versatile canvas,
allowing you to effortlessly craft enchanting floral arrangements.

**Experience the Fusion of Art and Design**

At JLX Studio's shop, artistry meets functionality, and design converges with nature. Our furniture
and ceramic vases embody creativity that transcends boundaries, elevating your spaces with unique
statements. Whether you're drawn to the eclectic allure of AAKAAR or the understated elegance of
PREET, our collection offers a symphony of possibilities for interior decoration and artistic

**Bring Artistic Flair into Your Space**

Discover the artful narratives woven into every furniture piece and ceramic vase. Enrich your living
environment with pieces that celebrate culture, nature, and creativity. Browse through our
selection, and allow our collection to spark your imagination, infusing your spaces with the soulful
essence of art and design.

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