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24X30 [12X18]- 1  [width -6mm] finalised

At JLX studio, we are in the process of creating and developing different collections of in-house products. That can be defined as urban, edgy, and lively objects for everyday use; drawn from an engagement with the city of Bengaluru. 

AAKAAR - Camp-styled furniture inspired by Bengaluru’s auto rickshaw decor. The decorative forms and iridescent textures of auto interiors are redesigned to form singular pieces of edgy, contemporary furniture. Part of the project is crowdfunded. The prototypes were showcased at The Times of India DesignX show in New Delhi in September 2019.

PREET - A collection of ceramic vases

Inspired by the flowering trees of Bengaluru, these limited edition ceramic containers draw their aesthetic blueprint from the seed and flower pods of Gulmohar, Buddha Nut, African Tulip, Indian Laburnum, and Coconut.

​These minimal sculptural containers can be used to create flower arrangements using short-stemmed flowers and leaves commonly found in Indian flower markets, home gardens, and balconies.

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Keep checking our site for more updates on our in-house product range.

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