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5 tips on how to archive and nurture your creativity

Creativity is manifested in several ways: in drawing, in the writing of poems, stories, even cooking to stitching. The canvas of creativity is diverse. As kids, we collected stamps or coins; many of us doodled or did some potentially amazing drawings.

If you want your creativity to flourish, stay curious. Curiosity is the best starting and archiving all that piques your interest can help in many ways.

So here are some tips to discover and grow the creative urge in you. It’s worth it

1. Just start where ever you wish to collect, what you like. I did that by collecting objects such as toys, dried flora, postcards, and so on. I know of someone who collects the finest craft for the sheer quality of workmanship.

2. Keep your collection safe. Take a look at it from time to time to time; you may want to discard some stuff, add a new object; over time it may give you insights, or even more ideas

3, Connect with fellow enthusiasts: with social media, it has become all the easier to find out others who share your creative impulses, where ever they may be in the world.

4. Don’t stick to just collection: Explore the wider universe of creativity. Most of us have music playlists that are organized to make sense to ourselves. based on our mood or time of the day or otherwise. This list evolved with time and defines our taste and lifestyle. You would agree that learning a bit more about the genre of the music, artists, or things around it can be enriching. Likewise, find out more about the things you collect; parallels, look for interesting information, and note them down. The point here is to learn through the process, this helps build a deeper understanding of ourselves and expand our knowledge.

5. The collection of physical objects demands space, so storing them is a challenge. So, it is important to keep them well, securely, and easy to access. All the more, number them, take pictures. You may wish to create a list — maybe it’s a folder on your laptop, a journal of jottings, or a list in your phone’s notes — all the things that have inspired you. Your collections are your own unique library.

6. Chase your curiosities, don’t suppress that creative urge. You don’t know where it may lead you.

At JLX Studio, we have what is called the Archives. It’s our temple of creativity. It contains myriad products, often collected without a plan, and unrelated to each other at the beginning. As time passed, we started building the collection consciously, collecting regional textiles from across the world, tribal jewelry, digital archives of trucks from a dozen towns in Kerala, digital archives of cinema posters, minerals and stones, art, and a few more things to guide us in our creative pursuit.

Here’s a sampling of what it contains: stamps, coins, textiles, dried flowers, toys, etc,

Finally, here’s an interesting tidbit: The UN has designated 21 April as Creativity and Innovation Day. But you don’t have to wait till April. Start today, have fun.

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