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Home Textile Trend

Warm minimalism everywhere. That’s what I observed when I walked around many of the home stores in NYC last week. Not just colors but also the textures that were warm and 3 dimensional adding to the coziness.

From small boutique stores to larger brands products looked similar. Except for a few exceptions. The architectural and furnishing look has taken over the marketplace at large. The neutral shades reflect the mood of the industry, waiting to read the consumption pattern before taking their next step towards buying.

Serena & Lily looked colorful for a change. Zara Home’s woven paisley and return of classic floral prints and stripes were warming and the color pallet of their solids was pretty much the same everywhere. Hard to decide which shade of green or dusty coral. Infants' clothing in the same pallets too. I haven’t noticed an all-encompassing color trend like this before.

What does it mean going forward?

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