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Indian Laburnum Seed Pod

Indian Laburnum Seed Pod

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Single piece

Ceramic vases

Hand made, each piece is unique


Indian Laburnum, also known as Golden shower, is a flowering tree native to the Indian Subcontinent and Southeast Asia. These trees are used for their Ornamental and Medicinal value. The Laburnum flower is used as a symbol in many places. They are the state flower of Kerala, the provincial flower of the North central province of Srilanka, and the National tree and flower of Thailand.

Botanical Name    : Cassia fistula

Family : Fabaceae

Origin                    : Indian Subcontinent and Southeast Asia


English                  - Indian Laburnum

Hindi                     - Amaltas

Tamil                     - Konrai Maram

Kannada               - Laburnum Mara

Malayalam            - Kanikonna Maram

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