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Bangalore Truck Diaries

We are local when it comes to our research subjects. We study the visual culture in our surroundings - recent visual research includes images documenting the bitten apple icon on plastic shopping bags, saris, and clothing. Thereby studying icons and trends in consumerist India's marketplace.

We have an extensive archive of visuals and footage on many commercial vehicles for their vibrant decorative art, painted signboards, matchbox labels, scribble pads, and other visual iconography on popular cultural artifacts for further studies. Our quest is to understand the impulse and power of visual communication, emphasizing how design and culture influence a graphic literacy of images and the communication of ideas within an Indian context of popular culture. 


Decoart is our Instagram handle that has recent updates on our encounters with Decorative art on commercial vehicles. 

Xavier, Jeevan - Dynamics of Craft and Fashion (unpublished work) 2018

Research Paper presented at the NIFT International Conference New Delhi, India, Feb 2018

The paper presented is a personal account of how the mainstream fashion industry and crafts influence each other in the local-global context.

Kerala Truck

Ende’ Lorry - Multimedia documentary and research on truck art in Kerala, 2013-2020  

We have explored the visual language and the community that it’s rooted in. The study was conducted in 13 towns south of Calicut, Kerala comprising visuals of over 180 trucks and interviews with owners, truck enthusiasts, drivers, and craftsmen. The entire archive is available to everyone upon a written inquiry. Part of the work is available online at this link.

Our fieldwork team includes -  The Running Studio and our associate researcher - Rahul Pulavar

Veedu - Vernacular and Traditional houses in Southern India, 2019 

Veedu is an ongoing interactive digital documentation of vernacular residential houses in Southern India that were built a couple of generations ago. The documentary records the architectural elements and the stories of the people who call it ‘home.’

Currently, the documentation work is done in the Kozhikode region of Kerala; we are processing the details and exploring possible software platforms to create an interactive experience.

We are open to collaborations in fieldwork and AR.

Our fieldwork team in Kerala - Pura Design collective.

Namma Signage - Photo documentary of painted signboards 

Namma Signage is a photo documentary of painted signboards that are fast disappearing from the visual landscape of most urban areas. The documentation covered the road from Yelahanka – Doddaballapur Highway and Silver Jubilee Road part of City Market in Bangalore. Interviews with two of the artists gave us a glimpse into the people behind this work. The original photographs were taken by Christy Raj in 2013.

Namma Signage

Everyday Design Archive 

EDA is an archival project listing down ingenious and vernacular everyday objects, products and tools, systems, and rituals - OSR, from the Indian subcontinent for their inherent design value.

It is crowdsourced from friends of JLX Studio and collaborators who are design-thinkers, designers, critics, and other intellectuals. These individuals have picked a few everyday objects or systems, or rituals that they have or had first-hand experience with. Each of them has reasons to nominate anything that they find suitable. This also includes things that have lost their popularity or relevance in the present day.  

We at JLX Studio facilitate the process and moderate the content and publishing along with Harshit Srivastava.

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Nagal - Collection of litho print posters between 2008-2013.

The artworks are hand-drawn and printed on thin recycled paper with kerosene and ink. One could see these bright posters all over Bangalore until a few years ago.

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150 Nagal ನಕಲು ideas | litho print, cinema posters, how to draw hands (

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Warp and Weft of Bangalore

Installation (2021)

Artist - JLX Studio Team

This documentary project juxtaposes data, facts, materials, images, and memories of Bangalore’s Textile Industry in a linear format. The project's focus has been commercial textiles produced in and around Bangalore and specifically woven fabric. We have tried to humanize this brief history. And kept it multifaceted than a singular narrative.


Stitch by Stitch presents a documentary exploration of Kaudhi, centered around the experiences of one individual's extended family, neighbors, and friends, emblematic of their social ecosystem. This collaborative effort, facilitated by a quintet from Bengaluru, has yielded a collection of Kaudhis, stories, photographs, and experiences, deepening our understanding of this rich tradition.

Through our documentary work, we delve into the intricate world of Kaudhi, shedding light on its cultural significance and the stories embedded within each quilt. Our first edition exhibition showcased portraits by Selvaparkash Lakshmanan, prose by Vasudendra, original Kaudhis, photographs, and a wall mural directed by JLX Studio, curated by Muthatha Ramanathan. This inaugural event, held in December 2022 in Mattancherry, Fort Kochi, marked the beginning of our journey into the heart of Kaudhi within this particular social ecosystem.

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