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JLX Studio is a boutique consultancy, offering services for
the textiles, lifestyle products and home accessories ecosystem.

We work with our clients to create solutions that enhance corporate identity,

meet customer expectations and offer sustained value to the business.


Our Approach

Our products and solutions are tailored to give our clients a competitive edge in their respective markets. While the nature of each engagement is customised based on unique requirements, we always maintain the four fundamentals of our approach by being Collaborative, Strategic, Exploratory & Research-based.

Proud to have worked with:

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Meet the Founder

JLX Studio was started in 2017 by Jeevan L Xavier, a design professional with 23 years of experience managing design, product development, aesthetics and business. He is a generalist with passion for product, people and ecology. He has an educational background in textiles, knitwear and management studies, and leads the creative process and operations from our permanent studio in Bengaluru, India.​


Meet the whole team

The JLX Design Shop

At JLX Studio, we are in the process of creating in-house collections of products that can be defined as urban, edgy, and lively objects for everyday use.

Aakaar (a furniture collection) & Preet (ceramic vases) are two of our experimental projects at JLX Design. They both stem from our collective admiration for everyday life in Bengaluru, manifesting in tangible objects & conservational pieces that carry a bit of us.

View them in our Design Shop

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EDA: Everyday Design Archive

We are on a quest to understand the impulse and power of visual communication, and are local when it comes to our research subjects. Over the years, we have created extensive archive of visuals and footage on many commercial vehicles for their vibrant decorative art, painted signboards, matchbox labels, scribble pads, and other visual iconography on popular cultural artifacts for further studies.

Read more about EDA

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