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JLX Studio is a boutique consulting firm that deploys design as a strategic business tool for enterprises where the product is the cornerstone in the textiles and lifestyle product sector.

We work with the DNA of a company and develop solutions that work in harmony with the nature of the organization and help them evolve and grow organically. Designs of JLX Studio sell across the globe under some of the best brands. We have built and delivered solutions to our clients that have increased turnover and moved them up the value chain.

We keep expanding our creative abilities in the dynamic world by constantly engaging with art research and market trends. Our repository of materials, antiques, textiles, catalogs, and documents from across the globe enables us to do what we do.


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Design Consulting, JLX Design, Art and Research.

Our Mission is to create products that enhance your corporate identity, meet customer expectations and offer sustained value to your business.

Our Vision is to be the thought leaders in design, to meet our evolving needs as human beings, and
make the world a better place.

Meet Jeevan L Xavier, an accomplished designer in the realm of textiles, fashion, and lifestyle products. His journey is a fascinating blend of artistry, innovation, and community engagement. After spending over a decade in the corporate world, Jeevan, also known as JLX, took a leap into the
world of independent creativity. He founded JLX Studio, a unique consulting firm focusing on design, art, and research. His educational background is a mix of textile design, knitwear fashion, and business economics. JLX's thirst for learning has led him to various global courses, from exploring
abstraction to understanding cultural business.

JLX's creative impact isn't limited to one place. His collaborations with brands of global acclaim, like
Marks & Spencer, ZARA, and IKEA, have showcased his imaginative designs. Beyond these ventures, JLX extends his reach to grassroots communities, incorporating their wisdom and practices into his design repertoire.


In JLX Studio, research and creativity go hand in hand. JLX's intrigue with folklore's connection to design led to the establishment of a Research wing. He's also a part of Faceless Designers, a worldwide community of experts who power the creative engines behind big brands. JLX believes in sharing knowledge, not just with established names, but also with emerging talents from lesser-known design schools.

JLX Studio isn't just about his journey—it's about nurturing new talents too. The studio offers a platform for interns from India and abroad to refine their skills under JLX's guidance. Additionally, JLX initiated a Residency Program that provides young artists a serene setting in a village in Tamil
Nadu to foster their artistic growth.

JLX's story is a harmonious blend of various influences. He seamlessly merges technology and tradition, weaving his personal interests into his design approach. This fusion isn't confined to his personal growth—it's reflected in his commitment to uplifting both experienced and upcoming

artists. With a passion for design and a collaborative spirit, JLX's journey highlights the incredible impact of creativity, community, and innovation.

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